Monday, January 18, 2010

The Center for Positive Sexuality: Tuesday and Thursday, February 9 & 11

The Center for Positive Sexuality was founded in 2007 by Emily Prior and a core group of educators who share the belief that sex education of all sorts should be easily available, friendly, and accurate.

The Center for Positive Sexuality was developed with the idea that people not only need to be educated about sex and sexuality, but that everyone needs to be able to see these topics portrayed from a positive, healthy perspective. Sex and sexuality are normal, natural parts of being human and should be explored as a part of everyone's development.

BDSM is a topic that many are ill informed about. No wonder, considering most of our knowledge about this sensitive topic tends to come from outlandish media portrayals of "the lifestyle."

The BDSM: Fact or Fiction workshop offers information from research studies and panelists, who are members of the BDSM/Leather/Fetish Communities, about the realities of what the BDSM lifestyle is, and is not, and how it works. Questions that are answered include: What is BDSM? Is BDSM abusive? Do people in BDSM relationships have "regular" sex? What does a BDSM relationship look like? Am I normal for having "kinky" fantasies?


The word "polyamory" has really only existed in the general lexicon for about 4 years. Many people don't understand what it is or what it can be. In short, polyamory means "many loves."

This presentation offers information from current research and actual people who live a polyamorous lifestyle about the reality of polyamory and how it can work. Questions that are answered include: How does this differ from swinging? How do you deal with jealousy? What does a polyamorous relationship look like? Could I be polyamorous?

The BDSM: Fact or Fiction presentation will take place on Tuesday, February 9. The Polyamory presentation will take place on Thursday, February 11. Both presentations will take place at 1pm in the USU Ballroom B.